Amitava Moitra
    Scientist-D (Academic)

Telephone +91-33-2335 5706/07/08 

Educational Background:

  • PhD: Physics, Mississippi State University, USA 2010.

  • MS: Physics, Mississippi State University, USA 2007.

  • Master of Science: Electronics Science, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2002.

  • Professional Background:

  • Scientist-D, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata (2013 - present)

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Pennsylvania State University, USA (2011-2012)

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, USA (2010-2011)

  • Research Associate, The Ames Lab, Iowa, USA (Summer, 2009)

  • Research Interest

  • Multiscale (DFT-MD-CG) materials modeling.

  • Structure-property relationship, physics of defects

  • Awards and Achievements:

  • Fundamental Research Award for Light Metals, TMS, 2011.

  • Sigma Xi Outstanding graduate (PhD.) student award, 2010 and inducted to full membership.

  • Travel Grant from SESAPS, 2009 and MCC-UIUC, 2008.

  • Awarded MS and PhD in Physics with summa cum laude (GPA 4.0) in 2007, and 2010, respectively.


        Significant recent publications:

    • Modified embedded atom method potential for Al, Si, Mg, Cu, and Fe alloys Phys. Rev. B 85, 245102 (2012) [18 pages] (With Bohumir Jelinek, S. Groh, M.F. Horstemeyer, J. Houze, S. G. Kim, G. J. Wagner, and M. I. Baskes).
    • Effect of Substituted Aluminum in Magnesium Tension Twin Magnesium Technolgy 2011, Eds. Wim H. Sillekens, Sean R. Agnew, Neale R. Neelameggham, Suveen N. Mathaudhu, John Wiley and Sons Ltd. April 2011, Pages:668; ISBN:978111802936 7. (Boook Chapter with Kiran Solanki and Mehul Bhatia).
    • Atomistic scale study on effect of crystalline misalignment on densification during sintering nano scale tungsten powder Advances in Sintering Science and Technology, eds. Rajendra K. Bordia and Eugene A. Olevsky, pg. 149-160 ISBN:9780470408490, Feb., 2010. (Book Chapter with Sungho Kim, Seong-Gon Kim, Seong Jin Park, Randall German, and Mark Horstemeyer)
    • Investigation on sintering mechanism of nanoscale Tungsten powder based on atomistic simulation Acta Materialia, Vol 58, issue 11, pg. 39393951, June, 2010. (With Sungho Kim, Seong-Gon Kim, Seong Jin Park, Randall M. German, and M. F. Horstemeyer)
    • Conversion of Nano-sized Spherical Magnetite to Spherical Barium Ferrite Nanoparticles for High Density Particulate Recording Media IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol 45, No. 10, 3590 (4pp), Oct. 2009. (With Jeevan Jalli; Yang-Ki Hong; Seok Bae, Gavin Abo, Jae-Jin Lee, Jung-Chul Sur, Sung-Hoon Gee, Seong-Gon Kim, Steven Erwin)
    • Melting Tungsten nanoparticles: a molecular dynamic study J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 41, 185406 (7pp) (2008), August, 2008. (With Sungho Kim, Jeff Houze, Bohumir Jelinek, Seong-Gon Kim, Seong-Jin Park, Randall M German, and Mark F Horstemeyer)
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