Biswajit Chakraborty

   Telephone +91-33-2335 5706/07/08

Educational Background:

  • M.Sc. Physics from Delhi University 1985
  • Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 1992
  • Professional Background:

  • Post-Doctoral fellow at the Physics Dept, IIT, Kanpur, during July 1991 to Jan1992.
  • Visiting Fellow at HRI, Allahabad, during 1992 -94.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow at SNBNCBS, during 1994-97.
  • Lecturer at SNBNCBS during 1997-99.
  • Faculty- Fellow at SNBNCBS during 1999-2003.
  • Reader at SNBNCBS from 2004 till date.
  • Important awards and fellowship of academies:

  • TWAS-UNESCO Associateship appointment at the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (CBPF), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for 3 years
  • Main area of work

  • Non-commutative Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
    • Connection of Non-commtativity to Supersymmetry and String Theory

        Significant recent publications:

    • ``Non-commutativity in open strings: new results in a gauge independent analysis,Phys.Lett.B 537(2002) 340. -R.Banerjee, B.Chakraborty and S.Ghosh
    • ``Membrane and Non-commutativity?, Nucl.Phys.B 668 (2003)179. -R.Banerjee, B.Chakraborty and K.Kumar
    • ``Dual Families in Non-commutative Quantum systems, Phys.Rev.D 71(2005) 085005. -F.G.Scholtz, B.Chakraborty, S.Gangopadhyay and A.G.Hazra
    • ``Interactions and Non-commutativity in Quantum Hall systems?, J.Phys.A 38(2005)9849. -F.G.Scholtz, B.Chakraborty and S.Gangopadhyay
    • ``Twisted Galilean symmetry and the Pauli principle at low energies, J.Phys.A 39(2006) 9557. -B.Chakraborty, S.Gangopadhyay, A.G.Hazra and F.G.Scholtz
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