Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee
   Distinguished Professor

   Telephone +91-33-2335 5706/07/08

Educational Background:

  • B Sc, Presidency College,Calcutta - 1971
  • M Sc, Calcutta University - 1973
  • Ph D, University of Maryland - 1979
  • Professional Background:

  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Theoretical Physics (now KITP),Santa Barbara 1979- '80
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Dept of Physics,University of Maryland,and Dept of Physics,University of California,Santa Barbara,1980-'81
  • Wissenschaftlicher mitarbeiter der KFA, Juelich, Germany 1981-'82
  • Faculty, Dept.of Physics,IIT Kanpur 1982-'95
  • Faculty, Dept. of Theoretical Physics,IACS,Kolkata 1995-2007
  • Faculty,Theoretical Science Dept. S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences,Kolkata,from 2008
  • Important awards and fellowship of academies:

  • Indian Academy of Sciences ,Bangalore
  • National Academy of Sciences,Allahabad

         Main area of work

    • Statistical Physics
    • Nonlinear Dynamics
    • Turbulence

         Significant recent publications:

    • Counting limit cycles with the renormalization group (with D. Das, D Banerjee and A. K. Mallik), Europhys J. D.
    • Renormalization group for Oscillators without a linear restoring term (with A. Sarkar) Europhys Lett. 91 300001 (2010)
    • Sound attenuation near the demixing point of binary fluids (with U.Kaatze and S. Z. Mirzaev) Rep. Prog. Phys 73 066601 (2010)
    • Large deviation theory for coin tossing and turbulence (with A. Saha and S. Chakrabarty) Phys Rev E80 096302 (2009)
    • Standing and traveling waves in the shallow-water circular hydraulic jump (with A. K Ray) Phys. Lett. A 371 241 (2007)
    • Critical viscosity exponent of classical fluids (with R. A. Fenell and H. Hao) Phys. Rev. E71 021201 (2005)
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