S K Sharma
   Emeritus Professor, SNBNCBS

   Telephone +91-33-2335 5706/07/08

Educational Background:

  • M. Sc. Jodhpur University-1970
  • Associate, Saha Institute of Neuclear Physics-1971
  • Ph.D, Calcutta University-1977
  • Professional Background:

  • Research & teaching assignments at BITS
  • Some years in UCC, Cardiff, SINP, Kolkata and Institute of Wetland Management and Ecological Design, Kolkata
  • 1992 till date - S n Bose National Centre for Basic Science
  • Important awards and fellowship of academies:

  • Visiting Fellow (SRC:UK) at University College, Cardiff 1981-82 and 1989-1990
  • Visiting Fellow (EPSRC:UK) at Imperial College London 1999
  • Main area of work

  • Light and acoustic scattering from single particles
  • Light and acoustic wave propagation in a random collection of particles
    • Inversion methods
    • Application of these techniques to biomedical tissues and intersteller dust

        Significant recent publications:

    • S K Sharma, S Banerjee and M K Yadav (2007), Light propagation in a fractal tissue model: A critical study of the phase functions. J Opt. A Pure and Appl. Opt.9,45-49
    • S K Sharma and D J Somerford (2006), Light scattering by optically soft particles: Theory and application (BOOK).(Springer-Praxis,UK)
    • S K Sharma (2005), Light scattering and absorption characteristics of optically soft particles (BOOK CHAP), Light Scattering Reviews, Vol 1, pp 73-116.
    • A K Roy and S K Sharma (2005), A simple analysis of extinction spectrum of a size distribution of Mie particles, J Opt. A:Pure and Appl. Opt. 7, 675-684.
    • S K Sharma and R K Saha (2004), On the validity of some new acoustic scattering approximation, Waves in Random Media 14, 525-537
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