Departments & Units
Theoretical Sciences
Condensed Matter Physics and Material Sciences
Chemical, Biological & Macro-Molecular Sciences
Astrophysics and Cosmology
Advanced Materials Research Unit(AMRU)
Unit for Nanoscience and Technology
Thematic Unit of Excellence on Computational Materials Science
Department of Chemical, Biological & Macro-Molecular Sciences
  • The main themes of the Department is research in soft materials, statics and dynamics of macromolecules in solution, chemical kinetics, structure and dynamics of biologically important molecules and properties of artificial macromolecules like quantum dots and Bose Einstein Condensates in optical traps as well as quantum phase transitions in such systems.
  • This Department, by its very nature is interdisciplinary and there are strong bonds with other departments like Materials Science and Theoretical Sciences.
  •  Most of the projects taken up in this department involve theoretical studies using classical and quantum many body physics, computer simulations both classical and quantum path integral, and experimental studies using a variety of techniques ranging from electron microscopy, X-ray scattering and various forms of spectroscopic techniques.
  • Faculty of this department have strong links with both the Unit for Nanoscience and Technology and the upcoming Advanced Materials Research Unit.
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